Contacting me and setting up appointments are easy.

Step 1. Email or call

Step 2. Secure Registration via the Patient Portal

Once the appointment has been set up,  register on the Patient Portal. Its pretty simple.

  • Enter the code that you will receive to access the portal
  • Add your personal details, past medical and psychiatric history, medications and allergies
  • Complete a few short psychological tests

Step 3. Come to your appointment

  • One Penn Plaza, Suite 3652, New York, NY 10119. Allow time to clear security.
  • OR  Click on the link on the Portal tab or in your confirmation patient portal email to video-link to our tele-psychiatry service..

E-mail Dr. Levin

Tomer Levin contact practice services

Hello, I’m Dr. Tomer Levin

Collaborative Care Psychiatrist

Welcome to my Psychiatry Collaborative Care Center. It’s the first of its kind in New York. My mission is to provide you with warm, empathic care that improves your overall wellness – mental and physical.