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“We pride ourselves on our warmth and caring.”

We are depression and anxiety experts. Our goal is to get you better and help you to stay that way.

Our center is the first of its kind based on the principles of collaborative care. This means that we aim to improve  both psychological and physical wellness. One of the ways that we drive overall vitality is by working and communicating regularly with your other doctors and therapists. Everyone needs to be on board to drive positive outcomes.

We use cutting edge tools from the latest medications, to genetic testing and online neuropsychological testing. Accepting the status quo is not good enough.  

We offer in-person appointments with full COVID-19 precautions. If you choose, you can opt for virtual sessions to save you time and keep you safer. We prescribe electronically directly to your pharmacy.

You can expect a warmth and caring approach from our psychiatry center

The road to better health starts here

What to Expect

The first session is usually in person but it can be virtual too if that helps.

The First Session

Ahead of the visit, complete the online questionnaires. Set aside 20 minutes for this. In the first session, Dr. Levin will listen thoughtfully to your challenges and think them through with you. He will summarize your challenges and strengths, discuss the diagnosis and treatment options and prescribe medications if needed. You can ask questions. Feedback is always welcome.

Subsequent Sessions

You can chose between a shorter 20 minute session or a longer session that is about 45-50 minutes.

Subsequent sessions

Ahead of the visit, you will receive depression and anxiety questionnaires to assess your scores and progress. At the visit, Dr. Levin will review your challenges, medications and overall health. He will work towards achieving your overall therapy goals. After the visit, Dr. Levin will update your other doctors and therapists, if you wish, and if clinically indicated.

Can I bring a family member along?

Involving Family

You can bring a family member along if you wish. Alternatively we can also summarize for your family at the end of the session. We believe that people cope better with crises when families work together.

Our Artwork

The modern American artist, Monroe Hodder's painting are on our walls. Reflecting the nuances of hidden emotions and joys, they promote healing and offer hope.

Monroe Hodder, artist

"Monroe's art draws you in but there is no focal point. A matrix of color, hope and nuance fills me with optimism every morning." Tomer Levin M.D.
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Second Opinions

Helpful if your current treatment is not working or you are at a treatment junction.

Second Opinions

These help with medications effectiveness issues, side effects, when psychotherapy is not working well enough or at treatment junctions. Dr. Levin can work with your current doctor to add his opinion or can help you to build a new treatment plan.
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Out of Network Insurance

Unfortunately we are not participating in commercial insurance or medicare at this time but you can submit our statements if you have out of network benefits.


Not accepting insurance allows us to offer a higher level of care that is more personal and individualized. Because we are not a volume driven practice, we can work harder to drive outcomes.
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Meet Our Team

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Tomer T. Levin, MD.

Ashlee B. Cioffi, MHC-LP


Debra Lehman

I’ve said to my wife several times that I’m amazed how “back-to-normal” I am given where I was two months ago. I’ve shared my experience with a number of friends and members of my family – I’ve made it clear to all how fortunate I was to be working with you and how effective your treatment turned out to be. Don’t be surprised if you hear from one or two of them seeking help with similar or related issues. I’m very grateful for the way you helped me.

if you want a psychiatrist who is knowledgeable, competent, easy to talk to, patient and thorough, you could do no better than Dr. Tomer Levin. He hears what the problem is, what your concerns are, and then works collaboratively towards a solution. I worked with Dr. Levin for the first time several years ago, and then again this year.  In both instances I was so pleased with the experience and successful outcome. Notably, in one of our sessions,  he astutely identified a potential problem of an unrelated condition and advised I see my internist for further evaluation, which I did.  He was correct and today I continue with the necessary treatment for that chronic condition. I highly recommend Dr. Levin for anyone seeing a psychiatrist for the first time as well for those who have more experience in knowing what they need and want in this area.

I think you are a lovely person and a gem of a doctor. I enjoy collaborating with you [treating our mutual patient].

I deeply value my partnership with Dr. Levin, and would strongly recommend him to both friends and family.

I feel amazing. I have been able to relax and concentrate in ways I hadn’t been able to in a long time.

Dr. Levin has worked with me on a variety of deeply rooted emotional and psychological issues, helping me build self-esteem and greater understanding.

You helped me so much. I can’t thank you enough. I also wanted to share the exciting news that we got engaged!!!!

Mom always talks about how nice you are. It makes a huge difference… Thanks again!

Dr. Levin is an intelligent, thoughtful, and goal-oriented psychiatrist. Where others failed, he succeeded by offering me practical tools that I have put to use to diminish severe anxiety.

You are a lifesaver. For six years I have been flipping out, but [with the new medication] it does not bother me any more.

He mends the mighty and the rabble, List’ning calmly to our babble. He squints up at revealing phrases, Then charts a pathway through the mazes, He sends up back to work and dabble

Thanks for the update and for treating [my patient]. He greatly enjoys working with you.” Therapist NYC.

Emotionally, I was a cripple in a world of people who could walk. Tomer Levin helped me to stand up, find my place, and move ahead.

Dr. Levin is committed to seeing me improve each week, holding me to task so I can actually benefit from the change we seek.

Mostly my life has been sad and dreary. I began to visit Tomer Levin and found a crack in the wall that let in a little light. Now I have come to believe in whole days full of sun.

If you really want to change your life, go to Tomer Levin. His brilliant intuitions will lead you in surprising directions.

I am very grateful to Dr. Levin for his help and also to Debra for making my visits to the office so welcoming.

In addition to your help with medications, thank-you Dr. Levin for referring me to Smart Recovery. It’s a very effective program with tools, groups and good people that have kept me sober!

Dr. Levin treated my teen child for both depression and anxiety while also coordinating their care with a DBT therapist in another practice. He preformed genetic testing on my child to help determine the appropriate medication for them and was slow to introduce the medication while offering nurturing, sensitive therapy that also included directives for healthy and helpful exercise. I appreciated how nurturing and sensitive he was to my child’s needs, as well as how much he collaborated with the other therapist. My child’s depressive symptoms greatly decreased under his care, for which we are extremely grateful.

“Dr. Levin truly helped me change my alcohol habits in a significant and life-affirming way. Working with him over a year’s time, he prescribed very helpful medication and gave me strong support and encouragement , while holding me to high standards of self control and achievement.  My life is much better for the care he gave me.”

Ketamine treatment has been life changing. Being free of my baseline anxiety and stress is such a release. The physical relief of being without anxiety and stress hormones for an hour [during the infusion] is remarkable. But also part of my anxiety is anxiety about being anxious – not anticipating that pain is fabulous. I am going for long walks now and planning a trip to Paris that I did not think I would make two weeks ago. 

Thank you for your kindness and wisdom yesterday. It was a breakthrough session for me. There were so many layers of complexity, I couldn’t do it alone.


You’ve given me the gift of perspective and having a plan.


Thanks to you, Tomer, I’ve got my eyes on the horizon. And isn’t that all a good sailor needs?